Games at MängudeÖÖ 2021

On the 25th of September in 2021, our students showed their games at the MängudeÖÖ event in Apollo Kino Ülemiste. MängudeÖÖ is a gaming convention event that includes streamers, cosplayers, indie games, video game museums, game development education, and much more related to the gaming culture. In MängudeÖÖ there were 5 different student projects from our lab students. Below are the games and the descriptions the students wrote about their works. Thanks a lot to MängudeÖÖ and all the people involved who made this cool event happen. We all had a great time!

Minesweeper with Friends by Kaarel Rüüsak

I am a long-time fan of the famous Minesweeper game, but the more I played the classic versions of the game, the more I felt like it could be improved upon. Most implementations of the game are single-player, where any mistakes lead to an instant failure. The players are often forced into revealing a tile that has a chance of being a mine. This can be frustrating.

That is why I decided to make my own game with a very different approach. Minesweeper with Friends is a cooperative 3D implementation of Minesweeper, where money functions as the player’s health. Players can earn more money by solving the puzzle and give each-other money to keep them in the game. Experienced players can teach others how to solve advanced minesweeper problems using the flags and their 3D character. Only those who work together will be fast enough to earn a new high score.

Sprash by Mathias Plans, Umesh .A Bhat

Sprash is an Asteroid-like 2D game, where instead of shooting and dodging asteroids, the player has to navigate and fulfil objectives amidst a storm of space debris. The game features multiple levels with different environments and challenges.

The player starts as a spacecraft at the centre of the screen and fights their way through large procedurally generated space debris and asteroids. The player has two options: shoot at the obstacles or avoid them. Shooting the space debris comes at a cost; they break apart into numerous smaller debris, which is quicker and deadlier. As the levels progress, other abilities are unlocked. The player can choose between three difficulties: easy, normal, and hard.

Custom satellites, great skins, incredible abilities, and other modes (peaceful, time trial) are coming soon.

Volantibus Games by Daniel Nael, Ott Saar, Raigo Kõvask

The game development group Volantibus showed three of their games: Delivery Mayhem, Shotwall, and Swtingfinity.

Deliver packages in an hyper-action-destruction-racing-simulation game Deliver Mayhem, where the NPCs are as reckless as you are!

OH HELL! Zombies are everywhere! At least you have those weapons still available from the last ambush. Shotwall is a 2D shooter taking place in the apocalyptic world where your goal is to defend yourself against endless zombie hordes.

A quiet little space travel with your buddies when.. OH NO! Asteroids! Gotta save us all! But how? With rope and a magnet of course! After looping the rope around your waist, you head out to face the dangerous space! In Swingifinity, inspired by the game Gold Miner, the goal is to match the asteroids and survive the wave.

Redniwer: the Unwinding by Toomas Tamm, Henri Sellis, Juhan Tamm

Redniwer: The Unwinding is a 3D first-person puzzle game that makes the player go through many test chambers, which all contain different puzzles that revolve around time manipulation.

You must put your logical and temporal thinking to the test as you try to solve challenging scenarios by using your ability to rewind objects in time. As the game progresses, the puzzles become increasingly difficult. Many new puzzle elements are introduced, offering new challenges and ensuring the game always stays refreshing.

Redniwer: The Unwinding was developed by three students in the Computer Game Development and Design course at the University of Tartu.

Virtual Tour Game by Daniel Nael, Raimond Tunnel

Talk with the magnificent LvlUP Man, help a game enthusiast kid, learn from a video game professor, meet with an alien…

Virtual Tour Game (VTG) is a learning game where the player is virtually touring in the LVLup! museum. The mission is to explore and gain points by speaking with museum guests, watching videos, reading – studying while playing! Characters in VTG will guide the player and gives objectives the player must realize. In short VTG features:

  • 360° virtual tour in the LVLup! video game museum;
  • interactive study materials (videos, texts, etc) about the evolution of video games and the video game market;
  • integration with Moodle to assess students;
  • visual novel type game with a guide to give the player goals;
  • points system to assess the player knowledge.

This game was made for the Evolution of Video Games online course. Thus there is no dedicated webpage just for the game. If you want to play it, then you can when taking the course, which is read every spring.