The Thesis

Your thesis, be it Bachelor’s or Master’s, is the most important work you will do during your studies. It proves to yourself, fellow students, friends, the university and everyone else that you deserve the title ‘computer scientist’ or ‘software engineer’. It is the final culmination of the two or three years your studies. Use every skill, tool, experience and piece of knowledge you have gained so far to make a great thesis!

You can only do it once in your life!

Most importantly, it is your thesis. You will be the one responsible for it. You are the one to reap the benefits and the one to proudly call yourself the author of it. This is why the topic of the thesis should be something you feel that is right for you. Something that you really want to be good at and work with after your studies as well. Perhaps not with exactly the same thing, but definitely with something similar. Because, you see, after writing a thesis, you become very skilled and knowledgeable in the particular topic. It becomes the road you have traveled on and know well.

The choice of a supervisor can depend on many aspects. The supervisor is not your client or boss though. Neither is your supervisor a lecturer or a practice session instructor who would give you a grade afterwards. Do not expect the supervisor to tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. Those questions are for you to solve. Your work is for you to keep track of. Your supervisor is more like a co-worker at a coffee table. Together we can come up with some great ideas or try to solve difficult problems. We also care about how you are doing and will give you a cheer if you are feeling down. Naturally we want to help you and give you feedback on your results, but all the choices are and will always be yours to make. It is your thesis and you will be the one defending it afterwards. You need to be confident of your choices in your thesis. All of them.

Be sure to pick a supervisor that you like to get along with. Someone who also has some experience in the field that interests you. You should be able to discuss ideas and understand each other. Someone whose support you find the most useful.

The best topics are often the ones that you come up with yourself. Remember that doing the degree was your choice. What was it you wanted to learn from your studies? Take that idea and make it your topic! No one else should tell you what job to get in the future, which house to buy or how many pets you need to have. Coming up with and choosing a topic is just like those choices. It will affect you and your future – what is the area you want to excel in?
Among other values, having a degree means that you have shown to have independent thought in identifying problems and setting goals plus the skills, creativity and willpower to provide solutions, follow through and make the world better!

Be sure to check out the our defended theses from previous years.


If you have a few thesis topic ideas, then the next (or parallel) step is to think about your thesis type. There are 7 different types you can focus your thesis. Each type has a bit of a different workflow, motivation and final achieved results.


If you are still unsure what a thesis is or how to write it and like metaphors, then check out our article series Of Thesis Writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a thesis?
Please read the thesis regulations PDF (in Estonian, in English).

2) Can I make a computer game as a thesis?
It does need to be unique though, not just a clone of an existing game. It also needs to satisfy the rules for the “software solution” thesis type. Among other things you need to: describe similar games, say why your game is different, explain the design choices, describe the more complicated algorithms, test your game on the players, improve it if necessary and show that it is a great game!
If you make a game, which will have an Overwhelmingly Positive score on Steam, thousands of players and manage to write up in your thesis what you did right, then it will be awesome!

3) What should I reference in my thesis?
It depends on the specific topic. Generally, you should find good books and science articles that support your topic. If you are a slow reader, then the earlier you start, the better. We have a dedicated literature page to help you out.
It is fine to reference non-academic sources too, but it should not be only those. Otherwise, if a source is non-academic, but relevant for your work, then do reference it, of course.

4) It is now February… I need to do a thesis… can you help?
Where were you in December? Do you not enjoy your sleep?

5) How do I know if my topic is suitable?
Do you feel confident to defend it according to the thesis regulations? If you have not read the regulations yet, then please do. Then think about, which type your thesis is of. Then think, how does your topic satisfy the requirements for that specific type.

In almost all the cases, you should be able to answer right off the bat:

  • To whom is your thesis meant?
  • What is the unique value in your thesis?
  • What are the similar / alternative solutions in the world?
  • Do you utilize enough of computer science?
  • Is the foreseen work worth 9 (BSc) / 30 (MSc) credits?
  • What is your thesis type?

If you can adequately explain that, then your topic is probably suitable. Come talk to us! 🙂

When you have no idea yourself, then check out our list of topics.