The VR Game Development Guide

This guide describes the design considerations for VR games using the aspects of immersion and clarity for analysis.
The articles are┬ábased on Jens-Stefan Mikson’s work on his thesis and the VR game Tribocalypse VR.

In the first part we describe what is VR and how game developers should analyze it differently from regular PC games. We also define what exactly are immersion and clarity. Read more

The second part analyzes what do game developers need to consider when designing environments and levels for VR. Read more

The third part describes what GUI solutions work in VR and different usually unforeseen problems players may experience. Read more

In the fourth part we explore the usual game mechanics in VR and how to make players embrace them. Game developers should also consider player fatigue when designing the interactions. Read more

The last part summarizes the key points in all the previous articles. Read more