Tartu Ülikooli Mängujämm 2024

Are you ready to bring your dream computer game to life? University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science and CGVR laboratory recently hosted an electrifying event that brought together gaming enthusiasts of all skill levels, though, mostly focusing on beginners.

An Educational Challenge

Tartu Ülikooli Mängujämm 2024 was an exciting event where participants had less than 48 hours to create a computer game with their teams. Whether they were a school student, high schooler, or a budding game developer, this was the perfect opportunity to showcase skills and prove that people are capable of learning and crafting their game at the same time. However, that’s not all! Tartu Ülikooli Mängujämm 2024 also served as a venue for Ludum Dare 55, connecting participants with the global gaming community and providing them with the opportunity to share their creations with the world.

The Schedule: From Idea to Game

Taking place from April 12th to 14th, the event unfolded both physically at the Delta Learning Center and virtually on Discord. This hybrid approach ensured that regardless of where the participants were, they could join us on this thrilling journey into the world of game development.

Here’s how the weekend unfolded:

The event kicked off on Friday with an energetic opening ceremony, setting the stage for the exciting journey ahead. Participants gathered, mingled, and formed teams, forging new connections and friendships. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation as everyone prepared to embark on their game development odyssey. As the clock struck midnight, the deadline for team registration closed. Teams finalized their compositions, brainstormed initial concepts, and eagerly awaited the unveiling of the event’s theme. Excitement mounted as participants geared up for the challenges and triumphs that lay ahead.

The early hours of Saturday brought the much-anticipated moment – the announcement of the event’s theme – “summoning”. With bated breath, participants listened as the theme was revealed, igniting sparks of inspiration and fueling creativity. Armed with the theme as their guiding light, teams dove headfirst into the exhilarating process of game development.

With the theme serving as their North Star, teams spent the day immersed in the creative process. From coding and design to art and sound, every aspect of game development was tackled with passion and determination. Time seemed to blur as participants poured their hearts and souls into bringing their game ideas to life, overcoming challenges and reveling in moments of breakthrough.

As the sun set on Sunday, the deadline for game submission loomed large. Teams raced against the clock, putting the finishing touches on their creations and ensuring that every detail was polished to perfection. The air crackled with a mix of excitement and anticipation as participants prepared to showcase their hard work to the world.

With games submitted, it was now time for the community to play, evaluate, and vote for their favorites. Participants and spectators alike dove into a myriad of gaming experiences, offering feedback, support, and encouragement to fellow developers. The voting period was not only a chance to recognize talent but also a celebration of the diverse creativity on display.

As evening descended, teams gathered to present their games to a captivated audience. Each presentation was a testament to the dedication, innovation, and ingenuity of the participants. From quirky indie gems to ambitious AAA-inspired projects, the diversity of games showcased was a testament to the richness of the gaming community.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived – the awards ceremony. With bated breath, participants awaited the announcement of the winners. Cheers erupted as deserving teams were recognized for their achievements, culminating in a celebration of talent and creativity.

The Essence of Game Jam: Learning and Collaboration

The game jam epitomized the essence of game jams — the spirit of learning, collaboration, and creation. Participants had the opportunity to:

  • Meet New People: The event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering new friendships and connections.
  • Brainstorm and Innovate: The challenge of creating a game within a limited timeframe pushed participants to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas.
  • Develop Skills: Whether participants were seasoned developers or beginners, the event provided a platform to enhance their skills, learn from peers, and explore new technologies and techniques.

A Successful Outcome: Learning and Collaboration

The hard work, sleepless nights, and boundless creativity paid off. Thirteen teams (53 people) successfully completed their games, showcasing their talent and dedication. The range of games spanned various genres and themes, reflecting the diversity of the participants’ visions.

I PLACE – Spirit Chant

by Helen Nurm, Olga Puksberg, Liisa Leit, Anton Otrokov

In this captivating rhythm game, the tribe comes together to evoke the spectral presence of their ancestors. Sync your chants to summon the deity amidst hauntingly beautiful visuals. Precision is key; a single misstep could plunge you into perilous depths!

II PLACE – Grave Mistake

by Viljam Ilves, Dmitri Matetski, Johan Veenpere, Adeele Traagel, Kevin Kits, Nora Liis Palm

Welcome to “Grave Mistake”, a thrilling 2D adventure where stunning pixel art graphics bring a haunting graveyard to life! In this spine-tingling game, you find yourself in the midst of a dark and ominous cemetery, tasked with a sacred duty: to defend against the encroaching forces of evil.

III PLACE – Forecast

by Raivo Rander,Olivia Iroona Tennisberg, Semilla Tuberg, Kristjan-Erik Kahu, Richard Miikael Jaks

As a budding weather summoner, you embark on your final quest to attain mastery of your craft. Your mentor reveals that to harness the ultimate weather element, lightning, you must seek the blessing of the Lightning Gods atop Thunder Mountain.

Will you succeed in mastering the elements and earn your place among the youngest weather summoning masters in history, or will your journey end in failure?

See You Next Time

Tartu Ülikooli Mängujämm 2024 was not just an event; it was a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the boundless possibilities of game development. Participants embarked on a whirlwind journey, turning their ideas into fully-fledged games in just under 48 hours.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants, organizers, and sponsors who made this event a resounding success. Together, we’ve proven that with passion, determination, and a sprinkle of creativity, anything is possible in the world of gaming.

Join Us Next Time!

Missed out on Tartu Ülikooli Mängujämm 2024? Don’t worry! Keep an eye out for future events and opportunities to unleash your creativity and passion for game development. Until then, keep dreaming, keep creating, and keep gaming! 🎮🚀