After you have completed your studies, you likely want to find a nice company where to put your skills to use. In Estonia there are many interesting computer graphics, virtual reality, augmented reality and game development companies.

The EEVR community has created a list of VR/AR companies. For game development, check out the companies who have published the games listed in Or course you can always consider founding your own company or working with computer graphics, VR, AR or real-time application development in a company from a different domain.

Below is a list of companies we have collaborated with. These companies have offered our students thesis topics or given talks about their field work in the Computer Graphics Seminar (CGS).


Computer Graphics Companies

Artineering Artineering is a computer graphics company in Tallinn. They work specifically with non-photorealistic rendering (NPR). Their main product is the MNPRX plugin for Autodesk Maya. This plugin gives artists control to render a Maya scene in different NPR styles. Artineering offers our students several thesis topics. One example we have done in collaboration and with co-supervision from Artineering is 3D Comic Rendering by Oliver Vainumäe.
Criffin Criffin is a company in Tallinn that works with virtual reality (VR) solutions. Their focus is on full body tracking and large scale experiences. Company has a lot of experience for different VR hardware solutions. Main target audience for their products are special forces, who want to do large scale training simulations. Their CEO Peeter Nieler has given several talks to our students in CGS.
3D Technologies R&D (3D Wayfinder)
3D Technologies R&D This company located in Tartu builds 3D Wayfinder solutions for large buildings (eg shopping malls). They have their own FRAK engine built in-house on top of WebGL. The company also has a blog, where they discuss the technical challenges and solutions they have made in their engine. They have talked about building a custom rendering engine to our CGS students.
Kaldera FX
Kaldera Kaldera is a company in Tartu that works on movie visual effects. They focus on matchmoving, roto- and stereoscopy, but they work on all sorts of effects. Lot of Estonian movies like 1944, Klassikokkutulek and Supilinna Salaselts include their work. Kaldera’s founder Hendrik Proosa has talked about their works and visual effects several times in CGS and occasionally offers interesting computer graphics project topics to our students.
ExteriorBox ExteriorBox is a company founded by Ats Kurvet. The company works on different computer graphics and virtual reality solutions. For example they have worked on the lighting and materials of the main character in Alien Isolation: Digital Series. They provide technical consultation for our lab students and participated in the Delta Opening Expo with their solutions.
Futuclass OÜ
Futuclass Futuclass is a company in Tartu that is creating a virtual reality (VR) game to teach maths and physics via interactive puzzles. The CTO there is our lab student Jens-Stefan Mikson. The company has on several occasions helped our lab to promote VR and game development in Estonia.



Other Successful Collaborations

University of Tartu Museum
The University of Tartu Museum has supported our lab and students. They have several times provided our students with opportunities to show their created games at the Teaduslinn expo. Our student Vladyslav Kupriienko created for his MSc thesis an interactive exhibit for the Museum’s glyptics exhibition. The exhibit renders the visitor in a style of glyptics art and is described in the thesis Glyptics Portrait Generator.
EduLab OÜ
Cogbug The company EduLab OÜ has created a 4-player tabletop game Cogbug. The mobile version of that game was made by our MSc student Stanislav Belogrivov for his thesis Cogbug – A Mobile Tabletop Game. Our student focused on user experience design choices when transferring the rules from the physical version to digital, as well as implementing a solid multiplayer solution and play testing the result.
Önwall Önwall is an interior design company that builds custom wooden wall panels. They wanted a mobile augmented reality (AR) application, which would allow their clients to try their panels virtually. This AR solution would help the clients to design their building interior via their mobile phone before making a purchase. Our student Karl-Walter Sillaots designed, developed and tested the entire solution in his comprehensive thesis Önwall AR Tool.



Companies Founded by Our Students

Morsakabi OÜ
Morsakabi OÜ is a company founded by our alumni Andreas Sepp and Kristjan Perli. The company builds mobile games. Their successful products are: Logic Puzzle Kingdom, Tic Tac Toe Logic and Total Destruction. The game Tic Tac Toe Logic was developed by Andreas Sepp during our Computer Graphics Project course.
Volantibus Volantibus is a video game company founded by our students Daniel Nael, Raigo Kõvask and Ott Saar. Their games include Swingfinity, which won III place in the DeltaX 2021 contest, Spacy Kits 2048, made during a game jam, and Slingventure, which Daniel Nael made in our Computer Graphics Project course.


Lab students, feel free to contact these companies for potential work opportunities. If you know of other computer graphics or closely related companies who would like to collaborate, feel free to tell us.