Pompeii and Vrena at GameOn 2019

GameOn is a gaming and game development event in Lithuania. The event includes many interesting activities for different gaming related people. From cosplay and e-sports to game development conferences and presentations to indie games expo and game development awards.

Our students Jens-Stefan and Kristo showed their games Vrena and Pompeii during the Indie Town games expo in GameOn 2019. In Vrena the visitors played 2 vs 2 team matches in a VR environment on the HTC Vive platform. In Pompeii the players could meet with different whimsical NPCs to quest in an open-world environment. Big thanks to Tartu Art School and Futuruum for their belief and support in game development.

Game expos are a great place to test out gameplay mechanics and get feedback to effectively improve your game. Dedicated events like GameOn encourage communication between game developers and gamers. Even more, there were talks and a round table also for game development educators. In the latter we introduced our contribution to game development here in Estonia and in our university.

Thanks to everyone involved with GameOn for such an amazing event and for the Good Teaching grant that helped our students to bring their games to a larger audience. And of course for all our students for being interested in and building games!