Vrena at Euronics’ E-Sport Day 2019

On Saturday 21.09 there was the Euronics’ E-Sport Day event in Lõunakeskus. Our MSc student Jens-Stefan showed his game Vrena in that event and held a tournament to find the best Vrena team.

There were 7 teams of 2 players who competed for the first place in the tournament. Vrena is inspired by oldschool competitive arena shooter games like Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena. The main game mode used in the tournament was capture the flag, where teams had to capture a flag from the other team’s base and bring it to their own base.

Of course as Vrena is a VR game, the experience for the player is a lot more immersive and immediate than just playing a PC game. Jens-Stefan knows this quite well, because it was his BSc thesis research that our VR Game Development Guide is based on.

We offer our sincere thanks to Tartu Art School and Futuruum for supporting us in organizing this tournament. We could have not done it without you!

In the end of the day we found our Vrena champions. Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to everyone who played Vrena and we wish you a sharp eye and fast reactions in all your future matches!

PS. You can make Jens-Stefan happy if you give his Vrena’s FB page a like.

Full gallery below. See if you can find yourself from the photos.