Games at Robotex 2019

Our students showed their games in the Robotex International 2019 expo. The expo lasted three days from 29.11 to 01.12 and took place in Saku Suurhall, Tallinn. The games ranged from action-packed platformer games and casual mobile puzzle games to tactical turn-based card games.

The expoed games were:

ShieldFormer by Karl Erik Karindi & team

During our Computer Game Development and Design course in the fall of 2018, Karl Erik and two other students created this unique platformer game. The main character has a shield to block incoming lasers with. Successfully blocking a laser fills a power meter and the player can use the stored energy to shoot back at hostile robots. This mechanic together with a good level design makes ShieldFormer a fun action-packed game where you want to see what is behind the next corner.

Bomb Golf by Kaarel Rüüsak

Kaarel has been building this casual mobile puzzle game for a while now and plans to defend it as his Bachelor’s thesis in spring. In this game you have to throw bomb to destroy specific objects in the level. As usual for bombs, they have a timer. So it becomes important to time the throw and explosion, otherwise the bomb will go off too early or too late. This makes a very easy to learn but hard to master game mechanic.

Planet Invasion by Luka Tsulaia (and Stanislav Belogrivov)

This game has been built over 2 semesters of work in the Computer Graphics Project course by Luka and Stanislav. Your goal is to invade a planet by any means necessary. These means could be a diplomatic solution with the native inhabitants or just outright conquering it. You can research different technologies to help you along the goal and listen to news reports from the planet to see how well you are doing. If you play your cards right, your race of purple aliens will have a new home to live on.

Warhammer Auto-Chess by Stanislav Belogrivov

Stanislav, being a fan of chess and the Warhammer universe, mixed his two hobbies together in this game during our Computer Graphics Project course. You and your computer opponent have to place on the board melee and ranged combat units. When the placement is done, the units will start fighting each other via pre-determined rules. The winner is the one who has pieces left on the board after the round. In this game thorough tactical planning and assessment of the enemy’s strategy and forces is everything.

Big thanks to Henry Narits for the photos and Robotex International for supporting our students in sharing their cool games!