Games at Robotex 2018

In the Robotex 2018 robotics fair our students and graduates showcased some of the games they had made during their studies. The expo took place from 30.11 to 02.12 in Tallinn. Games were available for the visitors to play on 4 computers.

Reality B by Kalle Ever

Kalle created this first-person puzzle game for his excellent Bachelor’s thesis.
At first glance the game is similar to the popular Portal game series, but what makes it different is what the portals actually do. When in Portal the portals are between two locations in space, in Reality B the portals are gateways to the same location in other similar realities. However, in each of the visually distinct reality the rules are different and there might be vital objects missing or apparent. The game has 36 distinct puzzles designed around the 5 different realities.

Pompeii VII by Kristo Männa

When Kristo enrolled in the computer science Bachelor’s programme, he had already created 5 different versions of his game Pompeii. The game takes the player into an RPG fantasy world very similar from other games (like the Gothic or Risen series). Kristo has successfully created himself numerous mechanics from combat and lockpicking to dialogue trees and questing. Pompeii also includes humorous encounters with NPC-s and fancy sword flips.

ZAPbots by Daniel Kütt, Siim Raudsepp et al

Created by a team of 4 during Ludum Dare 39, this game features a 4 player hotseat. Every player controls one robot and the players have to fight for survival by getting hold of more power outlets then the competitors. The bots can steal each others wires and stun other players with a powerful zap. The last bot who still has some power left in the end wins the match. This makes the game perfect for some couch gaming fun with friends (or potential enemies).$41918/

Ball Tale by Siim Raudsepp

In this platformer game the player takes control of a ball. The goal is to reach the end of the level by utilizing the ball’s chargeable jumping mechanic and avoiding enemies. Later in the game the player can find a shop to purchase shooting capabilities for the ball and the gameplay culminates in an epic boss fight with a square.