ICS Day of 2016

On the Institute of Computer Science Day at our University the lab was open to all the students interested in either computer graphics or virtual reality. We presented the following overview of our people working in those fields and options for doing projects or theses.

We also showed a graph of different potential courses and activities for the students throughout the academic year.


In the lab rooms on the HTC Vive we showed our own virtual environment modeled after the actual lab rooms, but with different kinks and surprises in it. Also everyone had a chance to try out a pre-release build of Tribocalypse VR – an indie VR bow game made by some of our students led by Jens-Stefan Mikson.

Thanks to all the participating students, the Institute and of course to Madis Vasser, Ats Kurvet and Jens-Stefan Mikson for introducting VR to everyone! See you in the lab! 🙂