People & Places

Madis Vasser, MSc
PhD student, VR and the brain
Jaan Aru, PhD
Supervisor, comp. neuroscience
Raul Vicente, PhD
Supervisor, comp. neuroscience
Raimond-Hendrik Tunnel, MSc
Computer Graphics Specialist
Ats Kurvet
CG, VR and Unreal Engine Consultant
Jaanus Jaggo, MSc
VFX and 3D Modelling Specialist
Margus Luik, MSc
Game Progr. & Architecture Specialist

CGVR Lab at Paabel (Ülikooli 17, Tartu)


The lab at Paabel is equipped with three identical workstations (HP Envy Phoenix – i7-6700 – 16GB DDR4 – NVIDIA GeForce™ GTX 980 Ti/6GB GDDR5 – W10H64bit). The available VR headsets include OSVR HDK 1.2, Oculus DK2 & CV1 and HTC Vive. The lab also has a set of Leap Motion IR hand sensors. The overall tracking space for room-scale VR is about 12 square meters. See the inventory page for a detailed list.

Software for creating virtual worlds: Blender, Unity and Unreal Engine 4.



We are working closely together with the computational neuroscience lab at the computer science department in Tartu University.