Part of being a specialist in an area is knowing the field. This includes being aware of what other specialists have discovered and think about different subjects. Below are our recommended lists of journals and books that include topics about computer graphics, virtual reality and game development. We also recommend the EBSCO Discovery service for finding articles and algorithms related to your particular topic of research. Useful software for managing all your references is Zotero.

For the listed books down below:
– Physical copy is in the library
– Physical copy is in the CGVR Lab.
– Digital copy is in Safari Books Online.
– PDF or HTML directly available.
Journals are available via the UT library databases.

Computer Graphics

All sorts of different computer graphics algorithms and techniques for achieving a visually amazing results.



Virtual Reality

About developing applications for virtual reality. Both design and performance considerations.

Other Resources

Game Development

The key principles of designing games and what effect games have on players and culture.