Games at MängudeÖÖ 2023

On the 30th of September, our students showed their games at the Estonian gaming and pop culture event MängudeÖÖ 2023. The highly popular event brings together everyone in Estonia who is a fan of all sorts of games, esports, cosplay, and popular culture in general. From tournaments and cosplay competitions to video game music and D&D, MängudeÖÖ has it all.

We showed four outstanding projects that our students had made during our courses, game jams, and have kept developing and improving ever since!

Mine Sweep Battle

In this multiplayer take on the classical Minesweeper game, the players of Mine Sweep Battle have to clear a shared minefield while individually competing for a high score. When a player makes a mistake, they are stunned for a time, giving other players valuable time to grab more points. Players can also purposefully stun others using throwable bombs. This project was the top‑rated game from our Computer Game Development and Design course in 2022. In MängudeÖÖ we set up a four‑player multiplayer arena that allowed for some truly fun and competitive gameplay.

The √Evil and Fate of the Deliveryman

These two games, authored by the same student, are both equally whimsical and eerie. In The √Evil, the player assumes the role of a corporate boss who is literally running away from the God of Justice. As the divine harbinger is getting closer, the boss needs to sacrifice their employees to continue escaping. Naturally, the boss and their employees are all cute animals. Then, in Fate of the Deliveryman, the player assumes the role of a package courier who has lost the package manifest. So, their clients give textual hints of what they ordered. For each client, the player needs to choose the correct package from among bananas, cherries, apples, and a Glock pistol.



In this wave-based hack‑and‑slash game jam, the player of Skele-Attack must survive hordes of undead. The player is expected to lose, upon which they can upgrade their character and try again, hopefully reaching further the next time. The game features very nostalgic Runescape‑esque simple low-poly graphics for a cohesive visual aesthetic. It is remarkable that the core of this game was built only in 48 hours during a game jam.


Delivery Mayhem

In this multiplayer delivery vehicle chaos, MängudeÖÖ visitors could compete against each other in a four-player split-screen game. Each player controls one delivery car. But the cars are also armed with all sorts of weapons to destroy the competition. Volantibus has been showing this game with us at MängudeÖÖ for three years now, each time improving it based on the observed player experience and feedback.

Big thanks to everyone who came to see us and to MängudeÖÖ for a wonderful night!