Frame Rate vs Frame Time

When measuring the performance of your application it is very easy to just look at Fraps and say that your frame rate is 60 FPS. Many students do this initially without thinking too much about what they are measuring or what does it mean. There is a case when just providing the frame rate is fine […]

Of Thesis Writing. Part 5: The Defense and Future

When you have completed your journey, you show your discoveries to other adventurers. They will estimate how difficult a journey you faced, how well you have described the taken path in your map, and does your map fit nicely to the catalogue with the other maps of the same region. Defending Certainly the journey and […]

Of Thesis Writing. Part 4: Contents of a Thesis.

At this point we already have a quite solid picture on what the thesis should be: a narrative, which serves as a map from some fixed starting location to an aimed goal. However, there are a number of key aspects on how to write such a map. In this chapter it is perhaps more clear […]

Of Thesis Writing. Part 3: Types of a Thesis.

Because different students have different temperaments and interests, there are also different types of exploration and discovery one might take. They all have their own set of tools and guidelines to achieve successfully. Overall one thesis is probably an amalgamation of different types. As with any journey there can be different obstacles to overcome. Those […]

Of Thesis Writing. Part 2: Written Thesis.

You might be wondering why do you have to write a thesis. Would it not be sufficient just to create something novel that illustrates your exploration by itself. Why is a Thesis Written? First there are two purposes to write something down: formulation and communication. By formulating your information you create a systematic way to […]

Of Thesis Writing. Part 1: What is a Thesis?

This is a 5-part article series on understanding and writing a thesis. If you are a student and unsure of what even is a thesis, then hopefully you can find some inspiring answers here! When your studies in either BSc or MSc level near an end, you will be faced with a challenge to create […]

Studying active inference with VR

Our researchers recently published an article titled “Attention is withdrawn from the area of the visual field where the own hand is currently moving“. What follows is an human readable summary of the exciting work. The core question is simple: how does the brain work in terms of computation? One theory that has been gaining […]