University of Tartu Game Jam 2022

From the 30th September to 2nd October in 2022, the University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science together with the CGVR lab organized their own game jam called University of Tartu Game Jam 2022. A game jam is usually a 2-3 day event, where you find some interesting people and develop a small game together. Most often you do not have a plan or a team beforehand and the theme for the game is announced at the beginning of the event. This means that you will be in a completely new situation, get to brainstorm a game idea, need to assess your skills in implementing it, learn new things and meet new people. In the end, you have a small game finished, which you did not think you would ever make before the jam. It is usually a very educational, inspiring, and empowering experience.

On the first day of the game jam, we started with the opening ceremony where the organizer Daniel Nael opened the jam by presenting the basics everyone needed to know in order to get started with this event. Mr Robin Flodin from Creative Foundation Games also did an introduction of his company and motivated the jammers to make games. At night the Ludum Dare 51 theme was announced – Every 10 seconds. Our jam used this theme to let our jammers also participate in the Ludum Dare event.

The Games Were Good

In our game jam, we had 50 participants who formed 11 teams. Team sizes varied from two to six people.

On the last day of our game jam, all of the teams presented their games and the best ones were awarded. Every team was able to finish their game and the games turned out to be great.

The Winners Were Rewarded

I PLACE – Wait a Sec

by Eneli Kuusik, Kerli Metsoja, Richards-Tasuja Avald, Sofia Veritšev and Kristo Männa

Developers of Wait a Sec managed to create not just one but 18 mini-games in one game. Every mini-game lasts 10 seconds and offers a different problem to solve. From watching TV to organizing food the player must quickly adapt to new tasks.

II PLACE – Sub10

by Ralf Brait Lehepuu, Laas Hendrik Lumberg, Kaisa Uik, Laur Mait Lehepuu

Team RNG managed to feature a submarine in their 2D game with awesome visual effects. Every 10 seconds the surrounding area of the submarine was made visible by the pulsing sonar, letting the players go to their desired places and collect desired resources.

III PLACE – Apocalypse Resignation

by Karlis Saarna, Johannes Tammerand, Oliver Kane, Georg Rüütel

Apocalypse Resignation, as the title describes it, is a 2D game about a disastrous event. The player controls a man who is trying to escape the lava that rises every 10 seconds. The lava destroys the player when they do not have the high ground. This means you have to be quick to find safety on top of different objects.