Thesis Topics

If you really can not come up with a topic on your own, then here is a list of potential topics we offer.


DeltaVR – Multiplayer (Taken)

Supervisor(s): Ulrich Norbisrath
Degree: BSc
Tools: Unity, Blender

This topic is about adding multiplayer support for the DeltaVR application. Multiple users from both virtual reality and desktop should be able to explore the virtual Delta building and do activities there at the same time. The users should also be able to interact with each other. Designing the multiplayer interactions is part of the thesis.
This thesis gives you solid experience in both multiplayer and virtual reality software development.

Keywords: Software development, virtual reality, interaction design, multiplayer.


Delta TV Depth Exhibit

Supervisor(s): Ulrich Norbisrath
Degree: BSc or MSc

The Delta building has several big TV-s around. These TV-s will get a RealSense SR305 depth camera attached to them. In this topic you can design and implement an software solution, which uses the depth information to do and show something cool on the TV. It can be a game or some fancy exhibit. This is quite an open-ended topic.
The experience and skills you get from doing this topic depend largely on how you scope it. In any case you get the experience of working on a real exhibit. For inspiration here is a video of an existing exhibit in the Mektory Center that interacts based on the viewer’s movements.

Keywords: Software development, exhibit design, RealSense SR305, depth camera.


SOFIT Level Editor (Taken)

Supervisor(s): Ulrich Norbisrath
Contact: Peeter Nieler (
Degree: BSc or MSc
Tools: Unity

SOFIT (Special Operation Forces Immersive Training) is a virtual reality training software (similar to this) developed by an Estonian company Criffin in the Unity game engine. They want their clients to be able to create their own training scenarios and levels withing a certain set of rules. This means that their software will need a custom level editor.
The goal of this thesis is to build the said level editor in Unity. The exact specification should be agreed upon by you and Criffin. Some potential things the level editor could include: building placement, landscape, roads, room plans, furniture in the rooms, placement of bombs and enemies, enemy patrol routes, scenario specification (eg hostage situation) etc. The level editor could also include a measure about how performance heavy the created level is.
All the models, animations, enemy AI etc will be provided by Criffin.

Keywords: Software development, level editor, Unity, performance estimation, UX, UI.


Stylized 3D Motion Blur

Supervisor(s): Ulrich Norbisrath, Santiago Montesdeoca
Degree: BSc
Tools: Python, GLSL/HLSL, Flair, Maya

Artineering is a company in Tallinn specialized in real-time stylized rendering of 3D animation. They want to incorporate new art-direction tools within their stylized engine, while nurturing talent to potentially expand their team.
Your task will be to survey state-of-the-art real-time motion blur algorithms and implement them in Flair. The review and implementation will give you the experience necessary to later expand your work creatively and develop your own stylized motion blur effect. You’ll be working mostly with shading languages such as GLSL/HLSL and will also need to modify some things with Python using Flair ether as a standalone or as a plugin for Autodesk Maya.
This project is ideal for Bachelor students looking into learning and expanding their knowledge about shader languages and image-processing. A positive outcome of your work will be integrated into the Flair shader library to be used in production worldwide.

Keywords: Computer graphics, post-processing effect, motion blur, art tool, Maya.


3D Stylization with Signed Distance Fields

Supervisor(s): Ulrich Norbisrath, Santiago Montesdeoca
Degree: MSc
Tools: C++, Python, GLSL/HLSL, Maya
Type: Independent Study, Software

Artineering is a company in Tallinn specialized in real-time stylized rendering of 3D animation. They want to incorporate new art-direction tools within their stylized engine, while nurturing talent to potentially expand their team.
Your task will be to ideate and develop an art-direction tool based on signed distance fields that will empower artists with the ability to stylize 3D renders using volumes in space. You’ll start with a primitive spherical volume, to later explore ways of expanding the work towards more complex representations that can be intuitively created by artists in real-time. You’ll be working with and learning C++, Python and shading languages (HLSL/GLSL) within the MNPRX plugin for Autodesk Maya.
With a strong reliance on mathematics, this project is ideal for an engineer with strong math foundations, that is interested in novel mathematical applications for user experience and interaction in 3D graphics.

Keywords: Computer graphics, stylized rendering, signed distance fields, art tool, Maya.


BLASTRONAUT game development (different topic options) (Taken)

Supervisor(s): Jaanus Jaggo
Degree: BSc or MSc
Tools: Godot

BLASTRONAUT screenshot

BLASTRONAUT is a 2D mining game in a procedurally generated world that will come to early access this fall. It is developed by Jaanus Jaggo (Perfoon company) who will be both the supervisor and the client for this project. Try the game demo in

There are several areas of this game that can be improved, for example the procedural generation, enemies or multiplayer support. The exact goal and topic should be discussed with the supervisor.

You are expected to start working during the fall semester (from October) and provide usable features for the launch of the game. As a benefit you will get part of the launch of an indie game, get to learn from Jaanus who has years of experience in game development. If the project succeeds and your work is good, he is also willing to support your studies financially.
Keywords: Software development, Godot, game development, game design.